Pre-Arrival Information

International Students Pre-Arrival Information

January 13, 2015 Orientation

REGISTRATION - Very Important

Please note:

1. Students will not be allowed to register for classes until they have attended orientation and obtained clearance from the Office of International Students (OIS).

2.  UCID information for International Students.  Please click here.

3. After initial registration, students may be charged a fee for any course changes made. Self-registration instructions and course selection advice will be made available to you at the orientation.


INSURANCE - Very Important

The State of New Jersey requires that international college students (carrying 3 or more credits) purchase the NJIT medical insurance policy.  It cannot be substituted for any other policy.  There will be an explanation of its usage and benefits at our “Connecting with NJIT” (Orientation).  Specific insurance questions should be addressed to  You will be covered for the period January 20, 2015 to August 20, 2015. 

Please be aware that, in the past, some insurance policies bought overseas were not accepted in the U.S. Also be aware that health costs can be very expensive in the U.S. Therefore, we encourage you to purchase the NJIT insurance. It is inexpensive, compared with some others.

J-1 students must purchase (or be covered by) an insurance plan* that meets minimum requirements set by U.S. Department of State.  Additional information in this requirement is provided separately to you and mailed with your acceptance materials.  It is critical that J-1 students comply with these U.S. Department of State insurance regulations.

* Note: The NJIT student insurance plan DOES MEET U.S. Department of State, J-1 regulations.



Health and Immunization forms that all students MUST be complete and submit to the Health Services Office at NJIT are provided at the web site listed below.  New Jersey State law mandates that Health and Immunization forms be submitted before you can register for classes. If you have any questions, please contact Health Services at (973) 596-3621, or send fax to (973) 596-0047.  You are advised to have the required forms completed by your physician before you depart your home country, since the cost of a physical exam in the U.S. and immunizations are very expensive.

Student Health Services



Your placement in classes will be based on your academic record.

Contact the NJIT Center for First Year Studies



Any student already in the U.S. in F-1 status transferring to NJIT, must complete the transfer process by attending orientation and later by collecting an updated I-20 indicating that the transfer is complete. You will receive an email from the OIS approximately one month after the semester begins telling you that the "Transfer to NJIT Completed" I-20 is ready for collection. You must collect this I-20.  Click here for a copy of the transfer information form, in case you did not receive one in your admission packet.



You are responsible for payment of tuition and fees at the time you are billed.

Estimated annual costs for new international students for a required full time course load for spring 2015 ( May 2015 is approximately $14482 (for graduates) and ($14644 for undergraduates), the costs of textbooks is not included.  For those receiving financial support from NJIT, the award will cover tuition only.  It is the responsibility of the student to pay the remaining fees.  Students will be billed within two weeks of registration for classes.

The living expenses are estimated to be approximately $1,527 (including rent, food and utilities) per month.  This will vary according to individual lifestyles and area of residence.  Please plan for more, not less, expenses.  Those receiving assistantships from NJIT should find their stipends sufficient to cover the yearly expenses.  However, you will still need sufficient money with you to get started, since the first stipend payment is usually received four weeks after the beginning of the semester.  Please plan for this.

Note:  If your spouse and/or children are accompanying you, you must be certain that you have adequate financial resources to support them (e.g. an additional $375 per month for a spouse and $209 per month per child, plus funds to purchase insurance coverage).  Please note:  NJIT does not act as a bank.  It does not accept large deposits from which a student can withdraw for living expenses.

Please make arrangements for additional funds for living expenses and tuition and fees, as you need them.  We strongly advise that you have access to $2000 to enable you to pay for living expenses for the first two months.  Do not be without money.

You can pay the tuition and fees by bank draft, traveler’s checks, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card ONLY), cash or money order. Payment is necessary only after registering for your classes.  Please visit for detailed information.





Via Taxi:  From Newark International Airport to NJIT:  Seek taxi service from the designated taxi dispatch area.  Do not accept a ride from any other sections of the airport.  It is very important that you ask the driver approximately how much the trip will cost before you get into the taxi.  (CAUTION:  sometimes drivers take advantage of unsuspecting people.)  You can expect the trip to NJIT to cost approximately $25.  Tell the driver you want to be taken to 154 Summit Street in Newark (NJIT's Office of Public Safety).

Via Bus:  Take the #62 Bus ($2.35, exact change required) from the arrival area of Terminal A of Newark International Airport to Newark Penn Station. Transfer to the Newark Subway and travel three stops to Warren Street. Exit left from the station to Lock Street.  You are at NJIT with the athletic field in front of you.

Via Air Train JFK:  Take Air Train JFK to Long Term Parking/Howard Beach Station. Connect to New York City Subway A train to NY Penn Station/34th Street. Connect to NJ Transit train to Newark Penn Station. Board the Newark Light Rail at Penn Station, Newark, ride 3 stops and get off at Warren Street. You are at NJIT.



There will be no temporary housing on-campus in January, 2015.



NJIT has contacted some hotels in the area and both offer a reduced rate for any amount of time you reserve space.  You will have to show your I-20 or DS-2019, passport and NJIT letter of acceptance to get the reduced rate.  Please contact the hotel directly for reservations and mention that you are a new NJIT students. 

Best Western, Robert Treat Hotel located at 50 Park Place, Newark, Phone: 973 622-1000

Contact:  Winston Reyes at  (It is a 15 to 20 minute walk or a 5 minute shuttle ride to NJIT).

Rates:  $89 per night/room.  Room accommodations are singles or doubles.  Call for reservations to guarantee room availability for the dates you need.

Hampton Inn & Suites Newark/Harrison River Walk – located at 100 Passaic Avenue, Harrison, NJ.  Phone:  973-483-1900.  Website:  It is about a 20 minute walk to campus.

Rates:  $129 per night/room.  Room accommodations are king or double-queen standards.   Double-queen standards have two queen beds and can accommodate up to four people.  $149 per night/room.  Room accommodations are for a double-queen suite.  Double-queen suites  have two double beds and a pullout couch; this room can accommodate up to five people.

Student rates only apply to the student.  It does not apply to any accompanying family members or friends.  The student is responsible for any personal expenditure such as, telephone usage, meals, internet service, etc.

Other temporary housing in the area without NJIT arrangements:

YMWCA via  or  The YMWCA is located on 600 Broad Street, Newark.  You can contact them at (973) 624-8900 or fax (973) 624-3024.

NJIT Residence Life provides an off-campus housing list to assist with finding an apartment or more permanent accommodation.  We will also keep a running list of people looking for roommates.  You can view the list of off-campus apartments at  This will give you an idea of what to expect when you arrive.  It is best to look for an apartment closer to your arrival date or immediately after arriving.  You can also email our Off-Campus Housing Coordinator for assistance at



Off-campus housing is available in a number of towns in close proximity to NJIT.  Monthly rents typically begin at $350 for a room and increase depending on the specific living conditions.  Most rental space will require one month's rent and  up to one and a half month's rent as a deposit before moving in.  Have a sufficient amount of money available when you begin your apartment search. It is recommended that you arrive as early as possible (see the section on temporary housing) to allow yourself time to search for suitable accommodations.

The Residence Life Office provides an "Off-Campus Housing" newsletter ( and a list of available rentals in the area (updated weekly).  You can view the newsletter and the list of available rentals by logging onto and click Off-Campus Housing. In addition, Residence Life staff will be available to assist you in finding housing upon your arrival. You can email the Residence Life Office at with any questions.  You can also look at the following web sites to assist with your search.



If you want to live on the NJIT campus, please visit